Our History

Guillaume & Gonzague

It was in 2011, when he moved to Berlin, that Guillaume discovered mate-based drinks. It was as much the phenomenon of society as the intriguing taste and nutritional virtues of this drink that aroused his curiosity.<br /><br />Friends for 15 years, Gonzague and Guillaume decided to create their brand of beverages, Gallimaté, this in order to fill an existing gap in the energy drinks market, saturated with products bad for the health.<br /><br />The ambition of the Gallimaté project is to make French consumers discover an unknown exotic plant, with surprising flavors and unsuspected benefits. This project is based on the observation that the general public knows only a small part of the diversity of flavors that nature offers us. In addition, as well-being and health begin with food, we prefer leaves with exceptional nutritional value. Gallimaté, therefore, focuses on preserving the benefits and authenticity of original flavors with healthy and natural recipes. Our products do not contain preservatives or artificial flavors.

What is Yerba Maté?

Yerba Maté is a traditional South American drink. It brings energy and concentration while being 100% natural. Entirely produced in France, Gallimaté comes from a recipe with softer flavors, no added sugar and perfect to be consumed alone or as a cocktail. A collection of 3 drinks to consume alone or cocktail, to relax while having fun: Original, Tonic & Ginger Ale.